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Wrong Information on Ahoms in NCERT Textbook.


Guwahati Assam June 2017:

Recently the NCERT included a lesson named "Tribes, nomads and settled communities" in the book Our Past II for Class VII, where it is written that ".... In 1662 the Mughals under Mir Jumla attacked the Ahom Kingdom. Despite their brave defence, the Ahoms were defeated, But direct Mughal control over the region could not last long." Now hostory says that it was the Ahoms which could not be defeated by the mighty Mughals even after 17 attacks at different times. In spite of this factual truth, how could the NCERT project such a wrong image of not only Ahoms but also the entire Assamese nation to the crores of students of India ? In each and every history book, it is clearly written that "repeated attempts of Mughal imperialism were thwarted by the Ahoms. Even Mir Jumla, the greatest general of Asiaof this period, could not achieve anything and Raja Ram Singh, the most trusted and efficient general of Emperor Aurangzeb after Mir Jumla had to retreat after having sustained a complete defeat. Such projection of totally wrong information in textbooks by the NCERT is unpardonable. The authorities concerned should immediately take up rectification of the mistake.


Courtesy: by Biraj Kr. Borgohain, Club Road Jorhat.