Nambor Habi (Assam)


A hilly district of Assam, “Karbi Anglong” is a very beautiful place in the lap of nature. It is still somewhat unknown to the tourist in spite of its charming natural green forests and striking hills. In addition to this there are the multi-coloured cultures and traditions. Visiting hill stations, beaches during vacations is a customary idea. So,for a change ,plan an audacious trip to a Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam, 25 kms away from Golaghat town and 65kms away from Kaziranga National Park. The wildlife sanctuary is carved out of Nambor Reserve Forest. The Government of Assam recognized it as a Sanctuary in 27 July 2000.The Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is about 37 sq, kms.

The Wildlfe Sanctuary is full of various kinds of animals like Gaur, Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Sambar, Barking Deer, Hoolock Gibbon, Golden Langur, Capped Langur, Wreathed Hornbill and a large variety of birds & reptiles are found . Also a rare species mammal “Slow Loris” is found here along with varieties of rare species of orchids. The average annual rainfall is 120 cm and temperature is max 300 c and min 70 c. Situated amidst an oasis of pleasant green and sprinkled by sylvan water bodies that dazzle like a delusion of quicksilver.

The sanctuary is a heaven for wild animals like the Regal Elephants. Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is also an ornithologist and a bird lovers dream destination. The sanctuary houses numerous varieties of exotic and spotted migratory as well as domestic birds. Entomologists too have a gala time studying the varieties of insects, butterflies and moths that flitter about the sanctuary’s premises.

The sanctuary is well known for its verdict floral wealth. The forest also has abundant growth of orchids, ferns and other climbers. Some of the mammals found in this sanctuary are Elephants, Tigers, Deer, Golden Langur, Hoolock Giobbons, Sambar, Barking ,Ant Eater, Mongoose, Porcupine, Wild Dog, Bat, etc. This sanctuary is rich in terrestrial woodland bird. Commonly seen birds here are Great Pied Hornbill, Hill Myna, Imperial Pegion, Green Pegion, Cotton Teal, Magpies, Parrot, Hornbill ,King Crow etc.Some rare species of orchids is also found here. The forest also has a hot water sulphur spring called “Garampani near the Nambor river, which is a popular picnic spot.

A great number of tribe resides nearby the Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary. Amongst them majorities are the:

The Karbis:

The Karbis, mentioned as the Mikir in the Constitution Order of the Government of India, are one of the major ethnic groups in North-East India, especially in the hill areas of Assam. They constitute the third largest tribal community. Karbis possess rich traditions and culture unique from other tribes of the region. Racially they belong to the Mongoloid group and linguistically to the Tibeto-Burman group.

Tai Aitons:

Tai Aitons are one among the six indigenous Tai communities of Assam. They are Buddhist by religion. They are commonly term them as Shyams or the people from Siam i.e. Thailand. The names of their villages are directly translatable into modern Thai, as both sounds and meaning corresponds. They speak the Man Tai language, which is similar to other language of Thailand. Their population is unknown but is expected to be less than 8,000. Their language has come to extinct. They live in certain villages of Jorhat, Golaghat and Karbi Anglong districts. Man Tai Speaking people are not Ahom people as many may confuse them to be.

How to reach Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary:

Reach by Air: 1) From Dimapur Airport it is only 55 kms, 2) From Jorhat Airport it is only 85 kms away.

Reach by Road: From nearest towns are 1) Golaghat -35 kms, 2) Diphu -92 kms, 3) Guwahati -330 kms, 4) Kohora -70 kms away.


1 ) Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary, 2) Deopani Durga Temple, 3) Numaligarh Refinery, 4) Kalyani Buddhist Temple & 5) Kaziranga National Park.

Where to stay:

1) Nambor Guest House, Hospital Road, Golaghat, Contact Number: 03774-280900, 2) Aranya Lodge , Contact Number: 03776-262429,

3) Bonani , Banashree ,Kunjobon Lodges, Kohora, Contact Number: 03776-262423, 4) Prasanti Tourist Lodge ,Golaghat, Contact Number: 03774-280730.

Whom to contact:

1. Divisional Forest Officer, Karbi Anglong ,East Division, Diphu, Contact no.: +91-3671-272237/273303.
2. Divisional Forest Officer, Golaghat Division, Junakinagar, Golaghat, Contact no.:+91-3774/284798/284997.
3. Forest Range Officer, Golaghat Range, Salmora, P.O. -Golaghat, Contact no.: +91-3774-280544.

Courtesy: by VOA Team