‘Aei Maatite’ to be Released on October 6


The film on the burning issue of witch hunting in Assam – ‘Aei Maatite’ hits the theatres all over on October 6. Directed by Dr Sitanath Lahkar, a retired professor of mathematics, the film is an adaptation of his stage play Tamasaa. Produced by Dr Sitanath Lahkar, Namita Lahkar, Kumud Kachari and Ajanta Saikia Kachari under the banner of Angeekar Films, the film’s story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics are also by Lahkar, who hopes to create awareness on the evil practice of witch hunting, born out of age-old superstitions and all-round backwardness of people, and aggravated by a small powerful section of society with the help of sorcerers. The film has been creating a lot of buzz for quite some time now. Lahkar said, “Witch hunting stands out to be an enemy of humanity, stigma of civilisation and hence a big challenge for us. Hundreds of people in Assam have lost their lives in the name of witch hunting. So, this is the reason for choosing this issue as the subject of my first feature film.” The film has some very critical scenes that unfold with sheer dread. The kind of rustic action scenes depicted, are hardly seen in Assamese films. ‘Aei Maatite’ cinematically showcases some of the inhuman killings in the name of witch hunting. Dr Lahkar has dealt with the issue with astonishing boldness and sensitivity, which should appeal to the general audience.

Courtesy: by Team VOA